What to look forward to?


01 Jan, Monday 

02 Jan, Tuesday

03 Jan, Wednesday

05 Jan, Friday

06 Jan, Saturday

09 Jan, Tuesday

10 Jan, Wednesday

12 Jan, Friday

13 Jan, Saturday

15 Jan, Monday

16 Jan, Tuesday

17 Jan, Wednesday

19 Jan, Friday

20 Jan, Saturday

22 Jan, Monday

23 Jan, Tuesday

24 Jan, Wednesday

25 Jan, Thursday

26 Jan, Friday

27 Jan, Saturday

27 Jan, Saturday

28 Jan, Sunday

30 Jan, Sunday

Public holiday. Course closed.

Pitch & Play 12h30 @ Pro Shop

4 BBBall Stableford 

Sundowner 15h00

Ind Medal/Stableford -Sponsor CTFM

Macleod's Greensomes [Trophy] CP

Ind Medal/Stb -Sponsor 

Sundowner 15h00

Morkel & de Villiers Alliance

Ladies WP Seniors - Durbanville

WGSA Medal & Putting#1

4 Ball Alliance / Schools Open

Sundowner 15h00

4BB Stb/Sponsor Philwest Volkswagen

Hackers 8x3 balls 08h00

Individual Stableford / League

4BBB Stb. Sponsor Luv4Business

Burns Night + Golf 

Sundowner 15h00

Sanlam Golf Day 80 pax 06h40

Combined Stb /  Sponsor Nashua

Mixed Open - Sponsor Sweetie Pie

4BBBall Stableford 

More information is available here.

A video of our last Golf day on the old course.