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Whether it's a child or group of children experiencing golf for the first time, an adult beginner; whether it's a regular golfer who wants to find some improvement and a better playing experience; or even someone who wants to reach their full potential and play competitive golf, we have coaching solutions for everyone.

It’s our passion to surprise you with how good you can be.

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William Guy | Head PGA Professional

My journey as a PGA Professional started in Scotland in 1986 at the age of 18. Golf was always a passion of mine and I dreamt of being a professional one day.

My journey over the years took me through a playing career locally, on the Scottish tour and European Tour. I was fortunate enough to play 2 British Opens in 1992 and 1993 making the cuts in both. After 15 years of competition golf which took me all over the world, I settled into being a Club Professional again.

It now gives me great pleasure to pass on and share, through my teaching, the things I learned from my journey to date as a PGA Professional.

Terence Coutinho | PGA Professional

Golf is my passion. I started playing at the age of 6. It has been my main focus growing up besides academics. Golf has always given me opportunities that I would never have had if I did not play this amazing game. From a golf scholarship to the USA, playing some amateur events in the UK to playing professionally on the 2nd Tour in Asia. 

It has taught me valuable traits and life lessons such as patience, commitment, focus and being true to oneself.

I wish to pass these valuable traits and life lessons to who ever I coach, to make the game fun and to grow the game.

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The secret to more fun and lower scores is starting with a free assessment of your game. Based on the outcome, we can then set goals to help you on your golf journey. Get in touch with us and let us start you on a journey to better golf.

Lower scores = More fun, more often

The total number of shots during your round isn’t the only score you should be keeping track of.
Golf brings people together in our disconnected times.
Next time you play 18 holes, try out this benchmark challenge to see where your short game is.
Knowing these five distances will improve your chances of hitting the green on par 3’s
So much about playing better golf and having more fun depends on this zone.
It’s not spoken about enough, but putter loft massively affects your distance control and accuracy on the greens.
Golf offers children positive experiences and connections for life.
There are certain aspects of your club setup that can be easily changed to improve your golf.
Check out these stretches and exercises to help you reduce the distance dip that comes with age.
Golf offers your child the fun of gaming with the added benefits of exercise and fresh air.
We can use video to help you reduce or even eliminate the inconsistent fade.
Now is the time to make an impact on your scorecard. If we could add distance to your tee shots and put you in the fairway a few more times, how low could you go?
Smash Factor, a measure of energy transfer, is a big part of how far you hit the ball.
As we age, we can lose the ability to make this rotational separation, but here’s a great exercise to help you out.
Using video to coach you from home so you can sink those flat 5-footers on course, everytime.
Golf gives families an opportunity like few other sports.